Driving Directions

From Santiam Hwy 22 East of Salem
From I-5 North Bound from Eugene/Corvallis

1) SANTIAM HWY 22 FROM EASTERN OREGON – As you come into Salem you will cross I-5 and continue heading west.

2) I-5 NORTH BOUND FROM EUGENE OR CORVALLIS – Take Santiam Hwy 22 exit (Exit # 253) and turn left at the signal light (West) towards Salem.

Stay on Santiam Hwy 22 (Mission Street) for 5 ½ miles (from I-5). Watch for an exit by the railroad track overpass – sign says - Willamette University / City Center / Hwy 22. Turn right at this exit and get in the left lane. Follow sign saying - Willamette Univ. / Hwy 22. Continue straight for 6 signal lights and then the road turns right onto Front Street. Stay in the right lane and exit right onto the Marion Street Bridge on ramp.

On the Marion Street Bridge immediately signal right and move two lanes to the right so that you will automatically exit into West Salem. The exit ramp turns sharply to the right and you will be on Wallace Road (Hwy. 221 north).

Go 2 miles on Wallace Road and then turn left onto Brush College Road (at "76" Gas Station/Plaid Pantry).

Go 1 ½ miles on Brush College Road and turn left onto Gibson Road.

Go ¾ miles on Gibson Road and turn right at the Meyer Nursery and Orchards sign on the right hand side (paved).

Turn right just past the wooden tote storage. (Follow signs)

The Nursery Office is just before the loading dock, on the right hand side, in the tan manufactured home. Please check-in at the office before proceeding to loading dock.

The truck Loading Dock is at the farther end of the green building.


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