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Specimen & Smart Pots Availability

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What are Smart Pots®?

A New Container System
for a Better Plant

The Smart Pot® is a fabric container for the growing plants on the ground, called the Above-Ground Smart Pot®.

It has many advantages over solid wall containers:

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    Root System grown
    in a Smart Pot
  • Prevents root circling by air pruning.
  • Promotes abundant, healthier secondary root branching.
  • Promotes quicker growth by providing better root structure.
  • Promotes cooler roots on sunny days by releasing heat.
  • Promotes better drainage while retaining adequate moisture.

With the Smart Pot® system, we will be able to fill your request for our plant material long after bare root season has passed. Our Smart Pot containers come in various sizes:

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    Flowering Plums and More
  • #25 – Specimen 1 ¾”—2 ½”
  • #15 - 1”-1 ¾” cal. (approx. 15 gal.)
  • #10 – smaller caliper tree, Fruit trees, and Shrubs (approx. 10 gal.)
  • #7 – smaller shrubs and tree sizes (approx. 7 gal.)

Why should you buy a Smart Pot®-ted plant?

    Click to View Larger Image
    Row of Hawthorne
    and Fruit Trees
    in Smart Pots
  • Healthy, strong plant.
  • Best root system in town.
  • Easy transplanting and quicker establishment for the customer.
  • Ready to sell, no waiting for bare root season.
  • Planting instructions and labels available.
  • Holds well in sawdust, no rooting into sawdust and the bag won’t rot – just in case

Why should you buy a Smart Pot? Stronger plant, better roots, faster transplant establishment equates to a satisfied customer who will come back to you year after year.

High Caliper Smart Growing SystemsYou can find more information about fabric bags at High Caliper Smart Growing Systems: