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Garden Center/Retailer

Bare Root Material

We have a variety of bare root sizes material perfect for direct sales to your customers. Sizes range from unbranched whips of 5/16” in the fruit trees up to 1 ½”cal. branched material in the trees.

Shade and Flowering Trees

  • Wide variety for the small yard to trees that will settle into larger settings
  • Pick material to suit your customer base
  • Choice of seasonal interest - bloom, leaf, bark, structure, and berry
  • Strong root system

Fruit Trees

  • Wide selection of varieties
  • Most are grown on dwarfing rootstock
  • Selections for most zones
  • Variety of sizes for best fit for customer base
  • Professionally grafted
  • Good root system
  • Each branch of a 3- or 4-way grafted fruit tree is labeled

Small Fruit

  • Blueberries
  • Grapes on own roots (virus-free certified)
    • seedless table grapes
    • seeded table grapes
    • wine grapes
  • Gooseberries

Specimen Trees

Meyer Nursery grows many of their bare root trees in to specimens of 1 ¾” to 3” cal. for the customer who wants that instant look without the costly expense or heavy weight of balled & burlapped. Meyer Nursery grows specimen trees in a polypropylene fabric in-ground SMART POTS® (Root Control Bag) for a lighter root ball, and a stronger root system. Click here for more on data on our specimen trees: Specimen Tree Information.


  • Wider selection for customer
  • Example of grown plant to help sell smaller containers
  • Add “aged look” to displays
  • Provide “saleable” shade for displays and customers
  • Offer large plant that 1-2 people can move with a hand truck and plant without heavy equipment
  • Great root structure
  • In-ground SMART POTS® polypropylene fabric container allows for better and longer holding in retail setting than balled & burlapped
  • Pot is flat on bottom…plant can stand on its own foot
  • Sell an instant orchard or instant shade

Smart Pot Containers

What in the heck is a Smart Pot? It is a polypropylene fabric pot (Root Control Bag), with porous sides providing many advantages to the retailer and the customer over the solid wall plastic pot. Click here for more on data on our smart pots: Smart Pot Information.

Advantages to you

  • Continue plant variety mix beyond bare root season
  • Superior root system to help you stand behind your guarantee policy
  • Porous pot almost eliminates heat build up in the pot and subsequent root death
  • Soil mix has better water/nutrient holding capacity
  • If desired, quick establishment if potting up to larger container

Advantages to your customers

  • Continued availability of desired plant material
  • Roots have good secondary branching structure instead of circling
  • Superior root system for quicker establishment in the landscape
  • Ease of fabric removal for planting and disposal
  • Soil mix more compatible with native soils

Can’t find a plant?

Please let us help you.

Meyer Nursery would like to help grow your business. You are on the front lines, hearing what the customer is looking for, seeing the trends, and trying to find sources. We would like to work with you. Lets us know if there is a plant you are looking for or one you think should be grown.

If you have some suggestions please send us an email: sales@meyernursery.com.

Information sells

We have charts, lists, and pages of useful information to help you, your sales staff, your customer, and your bottom line (top line and side line, too!). We will be adding to this pile from time to time as we sort through the vast files of information out there for pertinent facts and figures.

We can fax/mail/e-mail them to you upon request or click here for Planting Resources.

Our new and improved catalog also contains some of these.

Ordering: Easy

For bare root, send us an order in late summer for next springs sales. Specimen and Smart Pots can be ordered throughout the year as available. Specific quantities and sizes of Smart Pots can be ordered in the spring and summer for next spring delivery. Previous customers will receive in the summer a “pre-order” copy of last years order which they can update and add to for their convenience.

Contract Growing

Special needs – do you have a plant you need a large quantity of or a special grafted form? May be you would like certain plants and quantities in our Smart Pots. Meyer Nursery can contract with you to meet you special needs. Just give us a call or click on contract growing. Phone 1-800-779-0440.



Bare root whips to 1 ½” cal. for those who grow some of their own material.

Specimen plant material: 1 ¾”-3” plus caliper in Smart Pot-In-Ground (Root Control Bags) grown in in-ground SMART POTS® (Root Control Bags) have many advantages for the landscaper and their customers:

  • Less root damage/shock from digging
  • Feeder roots are contained in the fabric pot
  • High quality, non-circling root system
  • ½ the weight of balled & burlapped
  • 1 to 2 people can move and plant tree without heavy machinery
  • ½ weight equals ½ shipping cost against balled & burlapped
  • Quick bag removal with more intact root ball
  • Shipped year around (weather permitting)

Containerized material in 10, 15, and 25 gal in Smart Pots (Root Control Bag) grown in above-ground SMART POTS® (Root Control Bags) provides the landscaper and their customers with strong, healthy plants with many advantages over solid-walled containers:

  • Roots are air pruned for greater secondary branching
  • Roots do not circle
  • Better root consistency throughout pot (Roots not burned on sunny side of pot due to porous fabric)
  • Planting mix more resembles soils
  • Quicker establishment in landscape
  • Shipped year around (weather permitting)

Need a large number of trees?

Contract with us, we can grow what you need for a specific job. Click on Contract Growing.

Potting Up into larger sizes?

Then our plants are perfect. The root systems in the Smart Pots are ready to grow and will fill a box or other large container quickly.


Planting instructions, information sheets, and charts are available to help you make decisions, train employees, inform clients, etc. Click here for Planting Resources.

We need your help

You are on the leading edge with the designers and the customers. You have the opportunity to gather current information on the latest trends in plant material. Some plants will be hard to find or find in enough numbers. If you have a moment, could you Help Us Help You by sending us a quick e-mail. We would like to get a jump on your needs.


Specimen Grower

Bare root material

for field planting or for quicker turn around as balled and burlapped specimen plants or larger potted specimens. Growers of larger sized plant material can plant our material in the fall or early spring for the next summer or fall sales, as most plants will usually fill roots to the edge of the new container in 4 to 6 months. A quick root establishment time can give you the flexibility to restock quickly any out of stock material.

Specimen trees

Are 1 ¾”-3”caliper. Grown in root control bags can be potted into boxes for quicker establishment. Material can be shipped year around (weather and variety permitting). So you can be potting during a slow time instead of waiting for bare root or ball & burlap season.

Containerized trees (Smart Pot®)

Can be potted up into larger pots or boxes for quick turn over. Also can be shipped year around.

Note: Follow the links for information on how we grow our bare root, specimen, and containers.

Contract Growing

Are you looking for large quantities or special plant material in large numbers? Go to Contract section.

Give us a call. 1-800-779-0440. Meyer Nursery is ready to help your nursery grow.

Help Us Help You

Are you having problems finding specific material? Are you looking for something new? May be we can help. If you have some ideas, and would like us to research them for possible production, please take a moment to call 1-800-779-0440 or fill out our input form.



Did you know Meyer Nursery grows specimen trees and containerized material, not just bare root? And did you know our specimen and containerized material are grown in Smart Pots®? Click here for more information about Smart Pots®.

Why, you ask. Well, for many reasons:

  • A better root system – Healthier plant to sell
  • A lighter product for shipping – Cheaper to ship
  • A lighter product for handling by 1-2 persons – Cheaper to plant for the customer
  • A stronger root ball – Root ball easier to handle
  • And the pot has a flat bottom… it can stand on its’ own foot - Easier to store

Special Needs – We can Contract Grow

If a customer is asking for something you can’t find or find enough of, maybe we can help. Give us a call at 1-800-779-0440, or click here to go to the Contract section.



We grow bare root, specimen, and containers for a mix product to cover most customer needs.

Our availabilities will provide you with current, regularly updated information.

We have the capability of e-mailing pictures of specific trees for your discerning clients.

Our web site contains information pages and a catalog. These were created to help your customers with quick, easy to find information, material for handouts, and a resource.

We welcome inquiries, questions and suggestions. Information sells plants and we are ready to help the industry grow.


Grape Vineyard/Grower

We have experience in growing virus-free certified grapes for vineyard operations in the U.S. and Canada. And we have cold storage for those unforeseen planting glitches and late season schedules.

We are a good resource for information sources and stock. We have many contacts cultivated through the years, growers, research, and practice.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. You can call us at 1-800-779-0440 or you can send us input through our e-mail page.


Fruit Grower

Meyer Nursery grows a wide variety of fruit trees – dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard.

Ordering from our Catalog

Bare root orders should be submitted in the early summer for the best chance of getting the sizes, quantities, and varieties you want. Our catalog lists our plant material offered, and our availability lists will provide you with the information needed for the ordering process. Click here to learn more about Ordering & Availability.

For Special Needs

As long as we can find a source for scion wood, we can grow other varieties not in our catalog. Such specialized orders can be contract grown for you. This will guarantee you will have the varieties you need, in the numbers you need, when you need them. Click here for more information about Contract Growing.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. You can call us at 1-800-779-0440 or you can send us input through our e-mail page.


Contract Growing

What do you need?

  • Special crop
  • Large Quantities
  • Specific size
  • Specific grafted variety
  • Guaranteed quantities and varieties
  • Something else?

Contract growing can:

  • Guarantee your quantities ordered
  • Guarantee your selections of varieties
  • Guarantee your requested sizes
  • Guarantee your scheduled delivery dates
  • In other words - save you some frustration and teeth grinding.

Some examples:

  • Specialty and heirloom grafted fruit trees for a mail order business
  • Shade and flowering trees for a mail order firm
  • Specialized bare root trees for a specimen grower
  • Grafted wine grapes for vineyards
  • Grafted old and heirloom apples for a cider orchard

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. You can call us at 1-800-779-0440 or you can send us input through our e-mail page.